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Warning : Declaration of value null) should be compatible with value null, ns null) in on line 0, tahoe, mies, ei 68, lahti 12 18:54, itsetyydytysvinkkejä miehille webcam amateur fWB. Page-move vandalism Changing the names of pages to disruptive, irrelevant, or otherwise inappropriate names. The Wikipedia community encourages users to be bold, and acknowledges the role of bold edits in reaching consensus. MobileUndo a userscript which allows you to revert vandalism on mobile. Talk page vandalism Illegitimately deleting or editing other users' comments. It is also acceptable to identify an unsigned comment. Alternatively, look for Template name or Template nameparameter. Plausible, subtle changes not supported by sources or by text elsewhere in the article, particularly without an edit summary, may suggest vandalism. Mies, ei 31, tampere 108 21:13 susan, nainen, ei 22, upu 34 11:45, sinde. Watching for edits tagged by the abuse filter. Boldly editing Bold edits, though they may precede consensus or be inconsistent with prior consensus, are not vandalism unless other aspects of the edits identify them as vandalism. Nainen, kyll? 05:54 Suffeli Nainen Kyll? 08:55 Tervas Mies Kyll? 60 P-Karjala :38 samsa Mies Ei 38 Pori 191 17:29 Linda Nainen Ei 29 Dakar 190 14:45 kasperi Mies Ei 07:51 Pikkis Nainen Kyll? 15 Lahti 741. Types of vandalism Vandalism on Wikipedia usually falls into one or more of these categories: Abuse of tags Bad-faith placing of non-content tags such as afd, db, sprotected, or other tags on pages that do not meet such criteria. Identifying associated IP addresses If you're trying to determine whether a set of IP addresses involved in vandalism are related, a command-line whois query will generally list this information, or can be shown using the Routeviews DNS name server uteviews. IP editors should not be approached with the assumption that they are vandals. Thai, hieronta, homoseksuaaliseen Rovaniemi Seksitrehvit - Sovellus Autowiki » Alle informatie en specificaties over auto Letzte Artikel, hieronta jämsä toyota avensis autowiki, seksi foorumi iskuri. Nonsense, accidental While intentionally adding nonsense to a page is a form of vandalism, sometimes honest editors may not have expressed themselves correctly (e.g. Such addresses typically serve many, not just one, person, and though they can be valid present challenges when used for abuse. In particular, this word should not be used to siwa helsinki aukioloajat tupakka fetissi refer to any contributor in good standing nor to any edits that might have been made in good faith. If it is clear that the editor in question is intending to improve Wikipedia, those edits are not vandalism, even if they violate some other core policy of Wikipedia. For a detailed guide, see Arnon Chaffin's Anti-Vandalism Center. However, this is often mistakenly done by new users who are unfamiliar with AfD procedures and such users should be given the benefit of the doubt and pointed to the proper page to discuss the issue. Copyright policy violations Uploading or using material on Wikipedia in violation of Wikipedia's copyright policies is prohibited, but is not vandalism unless the user does so maliciously or fails to heed warnings. However, not leaving edit summaries is not considered vandalism.
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  • See also Wikipedia:Sock puppetry. Notify administrators at the vandalism noticeboard of editors who continue to vandalize after multiple warnings, and administrators should intervene to preserve content and prevent further disruption by blocking such editors. If it is in bad faith, then it is vandalism and you may take the appropriate steps to remove. If it appears to be a shared IP address, add SharedIP Name of owner or Shared IP edu Name of owner.
  • A warning may even dissuade a user acting in bad faith from continuing, particularly as the warnings escalate and the user is informed of the consequences of continuing. If a user continues to cause disruption after being warned, report them at Wikipedia:Administrator intervention against vandalism.
  • If you believe inaccurate information has been added to an article in good faith, remove it once you are certain it is inaccurate, or discuss its factuality with the user who has added. See the what links here pages for Insert text, Link title, Headline text, Bold text and Example Image to detect test edits. If an editor treats situations which are not clearly vandalism as such, it may harm the encyclopedia by alienating or driving away potential editors.

sex eroottinen hieronta rovaniemi
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  2. Warning a user for vandalism is generally a prerequisite to administrator intervention. Please note though that Wikipedia is not censored for the protection of minors and that explicit images may be uploaded and/or placed on pages for legitimate reasons (that is, if they have encyclopedic value).
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